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Our Story

Our founding partners; Stephen Parsons, Eamonn Keller, Jared Huet and Dessie Farrell recognised that Cyber Security, reputation and resource protection can often feel complicated and overwhelming for companies, particularly SME’s. They set about bringing together a maverick team of expert cybersecurity analysts to provide a simplified solution. We use our 40+ years of industry knowledge and experience to manage risk for you and take away the headache of potential attacks. 


We are passionate about integrity and your security and as your dedicated and trusted cybersecurity partner, we will provide you with a roadmap to excellence in cybersecurity standards, safeguarding your organisation and your reputation. 

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Meet the Team

Stephen Parsons CEO of VISO_two decades of leadership in IT and Cyber Security

Stephen Parsons


Stephen Parsons boasts over two decades of leadership in IT and Cyber Security, having held pivotal senior management roles across diverse sectors such as financial services, construction, healthcare, and distribution. As CEO of VISO, he provides unparalleled vision and expertise in cyber security.

  • Stephen Parsons LinkedIn

Eamonn Keller


With over 30 years experience leading Irish Technology companies, Eamonn has been at the forefront of Viso’s growth and expansion. He builds long standing relationships with his customers citing that reliability and dependability is the key to being a strong service provider.  

  • Eamonn Keller LinkedIn
Dessie_Farrell_leadership_high performance, leadership, and both team and individual growth_innovation in cyber security

Dessie Farrell

Business Development Director

With over twenty five years experience, Dessie Farrell has transformed the way businesses address high performance, leadership, and both team and individual growth. As the Director of a VISO, his innovative approach continues to shape and redefine our organisation.

  • Dessie Farrell LinkedIn

Sarah Callery

Chief People Officer

Sarah brings extensive leadership experience to VISO.  Sarah is responsible for designing and implementing HR strategies and driving people development. Sarah has led teams across technology transformation, commercial operations and customer experience.  Sarah is an MBA graduate of Henley Business School and an MSc in Work and Organisation Behaviour from Dublin City University. 

  • Sarah Callery LinkedIn
Jared_Huet_20 years experience in technology consulting, advising  leading Irish businesses in the financial services

Jared Huet


Jared Huet has 20 years experience in technology consulting, advising  leading Irish businesses in the financial services, technology, construction, and professional services industries. 

  • Jared Huet LinkedIn
Paul_Gibbons_cyber security expert_twenty years experience_multiple sectors

Paul Gibbons

Information Security Officer

Paul boasts over two decades of unparalleled experience. Cultivated in both medium and large-scale corporate landscapes, his expertise spans diverse business sectors. As a seasoned Information Security Officer, Paul's acumen is not just drawn from longevity but also from tackling intricate security challenges, strategising robust defense mechanisms, and ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information in ever-evolving digital ecosystems. His extensive tenure reflects a deep commitment to safeguarding businesses from a myriad of threats, making him an industry stalwart.

  • Paul Gibbons LinkedIn
Siobhan_Earley_sales initiatives, driving brand recognition and revenue growth in cyber security sector

Siobhan Earley

Chief Marketing Officer

Siobhan leads Viso’s marketing and sales initiatives, driving brand recognition and revenue growth. With a background in the pharmaceutical sector and high-performance sports settings, she's adept at leading teams and crafting globally recognised, award-winning programs and campaigns. Her blend of experience uniquely positions her to foster client relationships and ensure Viso's prominence in the cyber security market.

  • Siobhan Earley LinkedIn
Tope Daisi.png

Tope Daisi

Cyber Security Analyst 

Tope steps into the role of Cyber Security Analyst with a solid foundation in network and cyber security. A recent graduate, Tope demonstrates both commitment and proficiency in the domain, underscored by her Comptia Security+ and AZ-900 certifications. Her fresh perspective combined with certified expertise positions Tope as a valued addition to the VISO team.

  • Tope Daisi LinkedIn

Kevin Kehoe

Cyber Security Analyst 

Kevin boasts a diverse IT background spanning several roles, including Application Support Engineer, Sys Admin, and ICT Engineer. Over the past 5 years, he has honed his expertise in these domains. Recently, he achieved a Master's degree in Cyber Security from NCI. As he continuously seeks to expand his knowledge, Kevin is currently exploring various certifications within the realm of Cyber Security for VISO.

  • Tope Daisi LinkedIn

Rachel Hanlon

Head of Operations & Lead ISO, UK

Rachel has expansive experience spanning multiple sectors, including construction, financial services, distribution, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare. Through her years of dedication, she has adeptly navigated the unique challenges each industry presents, establishing a robust digital defence tailored to their distinct needs. Rachel's blend of academic achievements - highlighted by her Master of Science in Cyber Security and hands-on expertise, positions her at the forefront of our ever-evolving cyber landscape.

  • Rachel Hanlon LinkedIn
Megan_Haybyrne_Master of Science in Cyber Security_cyber risk management expert

Megan Haybyrne

Information Security Officer

Megan, with a Master of Science in Cyber Security, is a seasoned professional deeply rooted in the complex landscape of cyber risk management. Over the years, she has amassed significant expertise in security awareness management, operational cyber security, and the meticulous project management of information security deployment projects. She has also excelled in guiding companies to achieve ISO 27001 certification. Her academic prowess, combined with her hands-on experience, positions Megan as an expert in the cyber security domain, ensuring both strategic vision and tactical excellence in every endeavor.

  • Megan Haybyrne LinkedIn

Erica Manning

Information Security Officer

With a Bachelor of Science in Computing and a Master of Science in Cyber Security, Erica is a seasoned IT and cybersecurity professional. Drawing upon her rich academic foundation and extensive hands-on experience, she has navigated the intricate terrains of digital defence, including leading incident response efforts, safeguarding assets, and ensuring robust system integrity. She is passionate and committed to staying at the cutting edge of cyber security advancements.

  • Erica Manning LinkedIn
gerry headshot.jpg

Gerry Rassool

Information Security Officer

Gerry, possesses extensive expertise in IT security, technology infrastructure, and application auditing.  His experience is deepened by roles in tier one Financial Services Organisations, navigating diverse technology landscapes. Known for his adept interpersonal and communication skills, Gerry quickly establishes robust working relationships. Enhancing his stature in the field, he is a certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and CISA.

  • Gerry Rassool LinkedIn
MicrosoftTeams-image (6)_edited_edited.j

Jason Rozor

Cyber Security Analyst 

With a specialization in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security, Jason is deeply invested in unraveling the complexities of computer systems and networks and his academic research informs insights into the latest security threats and vulnerabilities. During his tenure with VISO, Jason has adeptly contributed to the resolution of several high-profile security incidents. He is relentless in his quest to expand his knowledge and capabilities and seizes every opportunity to further hone his skills and contribute to the ever-evolving world of cyber security.

  • Tope Daisi LinkedIn

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