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Cyber Security Assessment

To protect your organisation from financial loss and reputational damage, it is crucial to adopt a proactive approach to cyber security.


Security incidents and data breaches can impose a significant financial burden. Therefore, conducting regular cyber security risk assessments should be a crucial aspect of your business strategy.

How it Works

Given the daily incidence of cyber attacks, safeguarding sensitive company data is now a necessity. You can stay ahead of potential security threats and protect your organisation from cyber crime. Remember, defence is the best offence when it comes to cyber security. 


Our assessment can be used for organisations who are starting their journey and need to understand their current risk levels, or as an external independent assessment of an ongoing cyber mature organisation.

The assessment will allow us to present a set of gaps which can form areas for improvement for the organisation. The document can be used to create a roadmap to address the gaps in a prioritised fashion. 


The Benefits

Control Gap Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of what controls you have in place according to best practice.  This can be used to provide an external assessment for existing security teams, or to help understand what’s required of an organisation to get a comprehensive cyber roadmap in place.

External Assessment

Understand what hackers can see from the outside.  This intelligence usually informs hackers how likely they are to succeed if they attack your organisation

Internal Vulnerability Scan

Our team will analyse the vulnerabilities on your internal infrastructure to identify a priority list of actions to further secure the organisation.

Priority Based Report

The final report can be used to create a roadmap of actions in a prioritised fashion, taking the three areas into account.

Exportable Risks

The outputs from the assessment can be exported to create (or include in) a cyber risk register.

Next Level Assessment

We can extend the assessment to include Breach and Attack simulation, showing what hackers can do in the event of a single machine being compromised.

The Journey to Cyber Security

At VISO, we offer a full Cyber Security package tailored to your needs. Check out our suite of services below.

Cyber Security Assessment

Understand your current risk levels with an external independent assessment. 

Crisis Response

Our experts can be on hand to manage cyber incidents of any scale, on a 24/7 basis, utilising best practice incident management techniques.

CISO as a Service

Rapidly enhance your cyber security defence and response capabilities by adding an experienced, qualified cyber team to your organisation.

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