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Crisis Response

Cyber attacks have become commonplace and have impacted companies across all sectors, irrespective of size. According to a recent Microsoft study, 75% of organisations are not confident they will be able to respond to a cyber attack effectively. These attacks result in significant business disruption, cost and punitive measures when they occur, but if they do, we are here to help.

How it Works

Incident Response:

Having completed an initial Assessment, VISO allocate an Information Security Officer (ISO) and a Cyber Analyst to you. The ISO is responsible for ensuring all VISO resources are available to respond to an incident, such as adequate documentation and knowledge sharing and training. This provides comfort to your organisation that multiple people within the VISO team can apply their expertise, along with business knowledge, to respond appropriately to incidents as they occur. The cyber analyst’s role is to assist the ISO with any incident. This includes forensic analysis, report writing, policy and procedure definition etc.

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Your Company

Crisis Respons How it Works

Security Officer

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Cyber Analyst

Our Team

At VISO, we have a specialised team of experienced cyber security managers on hand to deal with incidents, augmenting the organisations current team to provide a crisis response services on a 24/7 basis. Our team have managed incidents in large organisations, across multiple sectors. We utilise best practice approaches and are on hand to provide assistance in investigating and managing incidents of any size.

24/7 Support:

Many cyber incidents become known outside business hours. This does not mean they start at these times – in many cases, the bad actors have gained accessed way in advance of the breach becoming known to the organisation (the average time to identify an incident is circa 200 days based on latest research). For this reason, response teams must be available to react outside business hours for critical incidents. As a result of this requirement, VISO maintain a 24/7 on-call rota of experienced ISOs who have all experience managing incidents of this nature.

The Benefits

Rapid and Effective Response to Security Incidents

The last thing you need to be trying to do when a cyber security incident occurs is trying to find someone to help you. By having experienced cyber security incident managers on hand to handle incidents, the organization can mitigate the impact of attacks and minimize potential damage.

24/7 Support

Our team of experienced cyber security incident managers are available outside business hours, when hackers attack most, to assist and manage Cyber Security Incidents as they occur

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Our onboarding process includes a base cyber security assessment which can be used in isolation to understand the current risk posture, and likelihood of an incident occurring.

Effective Cyber Security Incident Response Plan

Our service includes an initial assessment of the cyber security response plan (if in existence – if not we will rapidly deploy one from scratch) and recommendations for improvement.  We can also test this using desktop exercises

Flexible Financials

We use a flexible approach using a base retainer and pre-purchased days so that the costs are relevant to the business size.  Unused days can and should be used proactively to prevent attacks.

The Journey to Cyber Security

At VISO, we offer a full Cyber Security package tailored to your needs. Check out our suite of services below.

Cyber Security Assessment

Understand your current risk levels with an external independent assessment. 

Crisis Response

Our experts can be on hand to manage cyber incidents of any scale, on a 24/7 basis, utilising best practice incident management techniques.

CISO as a Service

Rapidly enhance your cyber security defence and response capabilities by adding an experienced, qualified cyber team to your organisation.

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