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Chrome researcher declare Chrome 93 as a stable channel by fixing 27 important vulnerabilities.


Chrome team announced chrome 93 as a stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux with fixing multiple high severity vulnerabilities in it. Access to details of bugs are restricted until majority users get updated with this fix.

List of some notable vulnerabilities with its associated severity is as follows:

  • High - CVE-2021-30606: Use after free in Blink

  • High - CVE-2021-30607: Use after free in Permissions

  • High - CVE-2021-30608: Use after free in Web Share

  • High - CVE-2021-30609: Use after free in Sign-In

  • Medium - CVE-2021-30614: Heap buffer overflow

  • Medium - CVE-2021-30615: Cross-origin data leak



It is recommended to keep applications and operating systems running at the current released patch level.

Updates should be run as they become available.

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