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Evolving Threat #2 Impersonation using messaging apps

Hackers are increasingly using messaging apps to target users. Messaging apps, such as Slack, Telegram, and even Whatsapp, have become popular targets for cybercriminals because they offer a convenient way to communicate with large numbers of people quickly and easily.

Hackers may use messaging apps to distribute malware, phishing links, or other malicious content that can compromise the security of users' devices or accounts. They may also use messaging apps to launch social engineering attacks, such as impersonating a trusted contact or organisation to trick users into divulging sensitive information.

We have seen Slack being used in the recent hacks of Uber and Rockstar Games, amongst others. Security and Compliance needs to extend beyond the historically protected email solutions to include all business communications. We recommend you put in place tools to augment your current

As a Safeguard Cyber partner, VISO have the ability to implement technology to help stop social engineering attacks, insider threats, ransomware, and compliance violations across email and workplace channels like M365, Slack, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram and more. Contact us to find out more.

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