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Google patched multiple high severity vulnerabilities in Chrome

Updated: May 6, 2022

Description Google chrome researchers worked on important security bugs and released update for fixing of High and Medium Severity Vulnerabilities. The 7 vulnerability flaws have been identified with the following CVE ID’s and its associated severity list is as follows:

  • High - CVE-2021-30598: Type Confusion in V8

  • High - CVE-2021-30599: Type Confusion in V8

  • High - CVE-2021-30600: Use after free in Printing

  • High - CVE-2021-30601: Use after free in Extensions API

  • High - CVE-2021-30602: Use after free in WebRTC

  • High - CVE-2021-30603: Race in WebAudio

  • High - CVE-2021-30604: Use after free in ANGLE

Recommendation It is recommended to update Google Chrome to the latest stable version (92.0.4515.159). Click one: navigate to Help|About Google Chrome from the three-dot menu. The simple act of checking your browser version will kickstart the updating process. Click two: once the update has downloaded, restart your browser for the protection to start working.


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