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How do Cyber Attacks Work?

Cyberattacks can differ in many ways such as type of attack, size and results.

However, there is a basic structure that cyber criminals follow when carrying out cybercrimes. The steps used are listed below.

  • Survey, or alternatively called Reconnaissance is the starting point for most attacks. It consists of a series of actions to investigate and analyse available information about the target in order to identify potential vulnerabilities.

  • Delivery - getting to the point in a system where you have an initial foothold, usually in the form of some malware or a backdoor into a system. In other words, you have gotten past the defenses and are within the corporate environment. Think of it like a burglar.

  • Breach - exploiting the vulnerability/vulnerabilities to gain some form of unauthorised access.

  • Affect - carrying out activities within a system that achieve the attacker’s goal.

  • The goal, or reward may be monetary or destructive, depending on the motivation of the attack.

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