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Supporting excellence in sport and tech; Abby McKeever

VISO is proud to announce its sponsorship of Abby McKeever, a talented and dedicated Team Ireland, female ten pin bowling athlete.

Abby is establishing herself as one of the top competitors in the sport, with a record of impressive performances at local, national, and international competitions. As an athlete, she embodies the values of integrity, hard work and perseverance.

Through our sponsorship, VISO hopes to support Abby in her pursuit of excellence and help her reach her full potential. We recognize the common challenges faced by women in our own industry and in the sports industry and we are committed to promoting gender equality and empowering women in both tech and sports.

As part of the sponsorship, Abby will receive financial support for training equipment and other expenses incurred. We are excited to support Abby and we look forward to cheering her on as she continues to make her mark in the world of ten pin bowling.

VISO will promote Abby’s achievements and career through our marketing channels, including social media and events.


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