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The Benefits of including breach and attack simulations in your Company’s cyber security

Megan Haybyrne, VISO Information Security Officer

July 2023

Before we discuss why a breach and attack simulation is a good idea for your company, it is important to understand exactly what this is.

A breach and attack simulation (BAS) is a proactive cybersecurity testing approach that mimics real-world attack scenarios to evaluate an organization's cyber security defences.

It involves simulating various attack techniques and styles to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential entry points in an organization's systems, processes, and people.

BAS aims to provide a realistic assessment of an organization's cybersecurity posture which can help with understanding their current vulnerability position.

Including breach and attack simulations in cyber security testing is crucial for several reasons:

1. Realistic Testing:

Breach and attack simulations (BAS) provide a more realistic assessment of an organization's security posture compared to traditional vulnerability scanning or penetration testing. BAS attempts to mimic the techniques and methodologies used by real attackers, giving organizations a better understanding of their vulnerabilities and potential impact.

2. Identifying Weaknesses:

BAS helps identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in an organization's security controls, systems, and processes. By simulating real-world attacks, it exposes potential entry points, misconfigurations, or flaws that might not be evident through traditional testing methods. This enables proactive remediation to strengthen security defences.

3. Testing Incident Response Capabilities:

BAS allows organizations to test their incident response plans and capabilities in a controlled environment. It helps identify gaps in detection, response, and recovery processes. By simulating attacks, organizations can assess how well their security team detects, analyses, and mitigates the threats, thereby improving their incident response readiness.

4. Prioritizing Security Investments:

BAS provides insights into the potential impact of different attack vectors. By simulating various attack scenarios, organizations can prioritize security investments based on the most critical risks. This approach allows them to allocate resources effectively and focus on mitigating vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threats to their operations. It can also help with securing such investment by providing real-world examples of the attacks that the company is vulnerable to.

5. Raising Security Awareness:

BAS helps raise security awareness among employees by demonstrating the techniques attackers might use to exploit vulnerabilities. It educates staff about common attack vectors, social engineering techniques, and the importance of following security best practices. This empowers employees to become active participants in defending against potential threats. This is also a useful tool for raising awareness at a board-level.

6. Compliance Requirements:

Many industries and regulatory frameworks require regular security testing and assessments. Including BAS in the testing process helps meet these compliance requirements, providing evidence of ongoing security evaluations and demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding sensitive data.

7. Continuous improvement:

Cybersecurity is an ongoing process, and the threat landscape constantly evolves. BAS facilitates continuous improvement by allowing organizations to test their defences periodically and adapt to emerging threats. It helps organizations stay proactive in their security efforts, ensuring they are better prepared to mitigate potential risks.

In summary, breach and attack simulations provide a realistic and comprehensive assessment of an organization's security posture. By identifying weaknesses, testing incident response capabilities, prioritizing security investments, raising awareness, meeting compliance requirements, and enabling continuous improvement, BAS plays a vital role in enhancing overall cyber resilience.


For more information on how this can benefit your company, reach out to VISO today to speak to a member of our team.

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