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VISO expands operations to the UK.

As a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for SME and enterprise companies, we are excited to announce the expansion of our operations to the United Kingdom. This growth will allow us to service new markets and opportunities and strengthen excellent existing relationships throughout 2023 with customers based in Ireland, the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Founded in early 2021 by Stephen Parsons, Eamonn Keller, Jared Huet, and Dessie Farrell, VISO recognized that cybersecurity, reputation, and resource protection can often feel complicated and overwhelming for companies, particularly SMEs. We have brought together a maverick team of expert cybersecurity analysts to provide a simplified solution.

As we grow our team and customer base, we will continue our commitment to focus on delivery of our work with integrity and passion. We are confident that with our talented team and passionate commitment to excellence as a dedicated and trusted cybersecurity partner, we will be able to take advantage of these new opportunities and achieve even greater heights.

We are thrilled to expand our operations to the UK and service new markets and opportunities and we look forward to working together.

Stephen Parsons, CEO

Pictured at our headquarters in Dublin are (L-R), Eamonn Keller, Dessie Farrell, Jared Huet, Stephen Parsons.

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