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Security Update has been released by Google To Fix Multiple High Vulnerabilities In Chrome


Google has released Chrome version 98.0.4758.80 for Windows, Mac, and Linux to fix 27 security vulnerabilities.

Notable Vulnerabilities are: • High - CVE-2022-0452: Use after free in Safe Browsing. • High - CVE-2022-0453: Use after free in Reader Mode. • High - CVE-2022-0454: Heap buffer overflow in ANGLE. • High - CVE-2022-0455: Inappropriate implementation in Full Screen Mode. • High - CVE-2022-0456: Use after free in Web Search. • High - CVE-2022-0457: Type Confusion in V8. • High - CVE-2022-0458: Use after free in Thumbnail Tab Strip. • High - CVE-2022-0459: Use after free in Screen Capture.


It is recommended to update google chrome to the latest released version (98.0.4758.80)





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